A visceral moment… with chips

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You know when a number of things align so completely you want to capture the moment for all time? These ‘moments’ cannot be anticipated or planned for, and the sheer joy of them is hard to put into words, but may last a lifetime. The emotion cannot be manufactured; I simply fall into the rhythm as the moment unfolds. It’s when I feel most alive.

If I close my eyes; think harder… a few more memories surface and slowly reveal themselves; like polaroids. Very small moments in my life; that enthralled. Often there’s a soundtrack, like C’est le Bon, which instantly transports me back to a cornfield during the summer of 1983.

Which brings me to yesterday evening. Who would have thought that wolfing down some fish and chips on the seafront in Clevedon with my family would hit such a high note. Just in case, I’m bookmarking it with this post… much as a reader might lovingly turn down a page to mark a favourite passage.

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