Beth is coming to London…

It has long been a shared and heartfelt wish to bring Beth Kanter back to the UK, and so I’m over the moon that later this month Beth will be spending a couple of days on these shores on her way back home to California from Kenya (where she will be attending an Ushahidi board meeting and running a workshop, among other things).

The book which Beth co-authored with Allison Fine has deservedly become a bestseller (has your CEO read it yet?). There are many reviews of the book, but among the most thought-provoking commentaries is this write-up by Ethan Zuckerman.

On 22 November, Beth will be speaking at the offices of The Guardian (an event we hope to stream) and again later that day at an event hosted by my friends at JustGiving. This evening event has been very popular (to say the least), but one or two places may become available, so do add yourself to the ‘waiting’ list. You never know.

In other news… I spent a couple of days up in Scotland the week before last (time flies, etc.). I had been invited to speak at the Institute of Fundraising’s Scottish conference in Glasgow, and the following day I jumped on a train to Edinburgh (my first time on that route) to take part in the inaugral BeGoodBeSocial event, which turned out to be a stormer. Check out my old friend Hugh Wallace’s reflections on the evening.

Unfortunately, I had to make a dash for the airport half way through the evening, but not before catching up with wonderful people like Ross McCulloch (@thirdsectorlab) – to whom I salute for being Organiser-in-Chief – Stuart Glen (@stuglen), Martin Keane (@onekindMK), Lauren Currie (@redjotter) and Sarah Drummond (@rufflemuffin) of Snook (@wearesnook), and Marc Bowker (@marcbowker) – all for the first time.

If there’s one thing I was keen for people to take-away from my talk (and it’s a theme I’m continually barking on about these days, so please forgive me if you’ve heard this before), it’s this…

the more we remain in our silos and feel constrained by our job descriptions, the greater the disconnect between us and our supporters

Here’s the deck (more ‘bullets’ than usual; optimised for sharing). Many thanks to all those who have tweeted / faved this already.

View on slideshare

Picking up on from my last post (We get the return on social media we deserve), I encourage people to duck out of one meeting a week (you know, one of those of little real value)… and instead use that time to ‘be’ a community member.

On that score, it’s well worth making time to listen to Euan Semple doing what he does best at the ‘Do Lectures’ back in mid-September… before the leaves turned and fell.

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