We get the return on social media we deserve

The so-called failures of social media to deliver are misplaced; rather they are the result of our own failure to commit – to sustain an online presence for more than a fleeting, one-night stand.

Social media may fail to deliver the campaign result our planning meetings had pre-determined. Instead it may just unleash the kind of promising connections and surprises we ourselves are unable or unwilling to embrace. All relationships ebb and flow, often for a reason, and sometimes for no other reason than we are too busy, do not care, neglect the obvious… or simply fall out of love.

Consider our failure to expose our ‘meeting culture’ to the same rigorous demand for immediate return we ask of social media. The stuff we call social media actually lifts a mirror and reflects back on our own impatience to listen, to give more time to what other people want.

When contemplating the failures of social media, we first need to look at ourselves.

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