Charity comms re-imagined #cc2020

Ben Matthews invited me to contribute to the CharityComms 2020 project, which he has announced today. The result is an insightful collaborative presentation…

where key figures in charity communications have teamed up to produce a snapshot of the most significant communications trends of the coming decade.

So, these are my five ‘future practice’ trends:

  • The term ‘social media’ will sound just as dated as ‘information superhighway’ does today
  • Fragmentary movements of citizens – some global, some local – will mobilise around single-issues, seeking alliances with social change organisations, which they believe can help bring the change they want
  • In the web of ‘flow’, charities will catch people ‘in motion’ – when they are ‘goal orientated’ – and will give them the tools to reproduce messages through their own networks
  • Websites will become much slimmer, with the focus switching to curation, aggregation… and amplifying the 000’s of ‘small actions’ of others
  • Smart organisations will evolve their workforce for a networked economy and will trust a passionate community of employees to build relationships online using different platforms for different objectives

Here’s the deck.

CharityComms 2020

I have huge respect for all those who contributed their thoughts here, so consequently it’s very interesting to see where there is common ground – especially in the areas of integrated communications, personalisation, storytelling for impact, greater openness and transparency, and a ‘back-to-basics’ approach to forging real connections and relationships.

Kudos to Ben and CharityComms.

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