My muddy list

I was so absorbed with family stuff* over Christmas and New Year that I hardly gave myself any thinking time to consider my personal goals for the coming year. I’ve given it some thought this morning and cobbled together a list.

Steve’s List:

  1. Work hard and be nice to people (two things but inseparable)
  2. Do my tax return
  3. Trust my instincts
  4. Accept criticism gracefully
  5. Read a little every day
  6. Walk the dog
  7. Daydream often; procrastinate less
  8. Make more 3-minute phone calls
  9. Convert the garage into a workspace
  10. Share (especially via Instagram)
  11. Eat more fruit bananas
  12. Collaborate with others to bring @hardlynormal over to the UK
  13. Make people laugh
  14. Make my family proud
  15. Post here more regularly, as I promised I would
  16. Keep Friday evenings special – i.e. film night with @gicela
  17. Build more bridges
  18. Understand what my daughters need from me (besides extra pocket money)
  19. Be there for my dad as he starts his fight against prostate cancer
  20. Help charities get to where they need to get to quicker
  21. Work hard and be nice to people

The Field

* It has been a fortnight of mud and rainbows; of roast turkey and cider. Most of all, mud. In the few months since we’ve become dog owners – pinch me; how did this happen – I’ve grown to cherish our daily walks in the waterlogged fields down the lane that runs behind our little house. When the girls are off school this is something we do together as a family. We slop and squelch about on the Moors, where the grazing marsh is criss-crossed by an interconnecting network of ditches (known locally as rhynes) which in mid-winter drain the floodwater from the fields.

Whatever your goals and dreams, and wherever you may be on that journey, I hope that some of them come true in 2012.

Update: Soon after I hit ‘publish’, I stumbled upon Taking 18 Minutes Day Towards A Year-Long Focus, which Beth also posted today. It really resonated with me, as I have also decided to focus on a handful of themes this year. I didn’t include them in My List; they merit posts of their own, so watch this space.

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