Cape Cornwall

I’ve just returned from a week thoroughly ‘unplugged’ with my family at our favourite campsite – just a couple of miles from the extreme westerly point of mainland England. It’s just a perfect place to unwind and take in the stupendous land and seascapes; not least, the spectacular Cape Cornwall. Time for some experimenting with the Hipstamatic app.

Here’s a link to the photo set on Flickr.

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5 Responses to Cape Cornwall

  1. Sylwia Presley says:

    Really nice photos!

  2. Steve Bridger says:

    Thanks, Sylwia – though they hardly do justice to the vast awesomeness of it all!

  3. mathieu says:

    The hipstamatic app is genius, I have been using it all summer and it is simply fantastic. Great pics from Cornwall: I’ll be there in a couple of weeks so hopefully the weather will stay good until then…

  4. Johnny Laird says:

    Great set of pics, Steve.

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